2016 June 14
Student Projects/Diplomas

The search for characteristics, secrets, connections and relations of constructed, urban spaces. The collection of qualities, the photography of shapes, the imagination of structures and in turn the investigation of all this.

The work is an accessible installation, which processes photographs, that have been taken earlier, a bricolage of visual finds and ideas.

The discovery of new possible spaces and its production, the challange to define picture frames - the sensibilisation of the view, which makes the first step in every work and convergence on spaces.

The result is a personal `bringing together´, an intuitive aggregation of different spatial impressions, a reflection of own concepts of proportion and size, colour and construction.

An engagement with spatial forms and relations as well as with boundaries and accessibility.  

Brief technical def.: accesible installation, about 45 m2, material: construction boards (pressboard, MDF), metal, beamer (projections) x3

Location of Presentation: Heiligenkreuzerhof, Refektorium – Schönlaterngasse 5, 1010 Wien

Photo: Alice von Alten