Summer 2020
Der befreite Mensch – UN/TRAGBAR


1. Gerold Brenner - the person - individuality to self-marketing (what influence do social media have)

2. New social structure through the dissolution of the traditional order of men and women and of different cosmopolitan - cultural circumstances

3. 5 to 12 - our trodden world (new social structures due to changes in consumption in terms of sustainability for people and nature)

4. Reflection on the concept of fashion

5. New values ​​and social systems (conclusion that is worked out with the students)

6. The body (clothing) acts as a political / sociopolitical place. Many circumstances influence this place (cultural, climatic, ...).


Practical work / examination work:

The students should reinterpret wearable clothing. Journalists, critics, etc. often use the term "unwearable" about something unknown in fashion. This has always bothered me because everything I can have on my body is portable.

The form of presentation is intended to support the history of this work.

The term model stands for various forms of presentation. In the broadest sense, this can be a 1: 1 scale item of clothing, or it can also be reduced or enlarged. The medium itself is freely selectable and should also contribute to the tension in new reflections on this topic. Performance, video installations or other display formats should be considered in the presentation process.


Gerold Brenner, born in 1962 and originally from southern Germany, is a trained tailor and fashion designer and worked as a designer and creative director for fashion and service companies for many years before starting his own business around five years ago. His flamboyant pattern combinations and self-made - up-cycling denim creations are legendary. The men's skirt is one of his important concerns. Sustainability has been an important part of his work for 25 years. Gerold Brenner gives lectures on these topics and on trend developments and is always a guest at panel discussions. In January and June 2018 he was co-curator of an avant-garde selection of international designers for the Pitti Uomo in Florence. The 'Gerold Brenner' collection was presented in Amsterdam in July 2018 and in Florence in January 2019. Gerold Brenner lives in Zurich.

BLOCKSEMINAR: 4th - 8th May 2020

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Imagecredits: Gerold Brenner