2020 June 17 / 11:00
Student Projects/Diplomas
Der Titel ist der erste Schritt ins Feld

This work is a field of thoughts / network of ideas / concepts / notions.

Being part of an endless / fractal structure of actualities / something-that-is, this field of thoughts is a specific constellation of correlations, a territory.

This territory unfolds under given circumstances / setting through me navigating between actualities.

The field of thoughts / territory finds a written manifestation in the form of a pdf-document that can be navigated through in different ways.

The text can be read in a linear way following the enumeration / stream of consciousness.

A different / additional way of moving through the field of thoughts is offered by the hyperlinks which connect every line of text with numerous others.

To use these links as pathways, to follow their forking ad libitum, to traverse the field of thoughts in various directions so as to come across unforeseen reifications of meaning, is a proposition of the text.

The following video shows a lecture performance via zoom where I choose one possible way through the field of thoughts.




Image: Irene Reichart