2016 January 19
Student Projects/Diplomas
Umortung/ eine Anordnung

An interventive space installation 
with complementary Booklet 
by Ursula Gaisbauer

The work is about space and its order. 
It consists of contradictions which create a tension in between. The inside and the outside, the space and the void, the subject and the observer become entangled.

The Definition/

Each space consists of a visible surface and the invisible layers underneath like stories, applications, or demands. A space can be a cup as well as a building, a car as well as a tree, a stone as well as a street.

The Void/

Between space and non-space there is an empty in between where there is a constant possibility of relativization. From the big to the small, from  top to bottom, from left to right and the other way round.

The Relation/

Behind the first grade visible layer there is an individual imprint on each space and each thing. Only through building up an emotional relation with it, space becomes a place. It doesn´t matter if this relation is a positive or a negative one.

more info as .pdf
Photo: Ursula Gaisbauer