2016 October 06
Echoed in the wells of silence

Johanna Tinzl
Echoed in the Wells of Silence

How does the night sound in Prater? Does Praterstern trigger urban legends? Who is heard if you would stay approximately three hours at the same place? What is medially boosted? How do the marginalized interact? Who is an archive at Praterstern? How do you not get into a provocation at no point in time? Are the thieves actually the ones who we don't take them for?
Two, one, zero - The alarm is red... It is 4:45 am, now position is rehearsed.*

The aim of the course is to develop a soundwork, generated from the materials (field recordings, interviews, archive) that have been collected in several on-site researches in the park, in the amusement park, at the train station and its forecourts.
The resulting works will be shown and discussed on Wednesday, 25/01/2017 at Fluc, Praterstern within the frame of the exhibition series »In der Kubatur des Kabinetts – Der Kunstsalon«.

The course could be held in German or English.
Requirements: Headphones, smartphone with audio recording app or an audio recording device

* Falco, Vienna Calling—

14 October 2016, 16:00–00:00 Seminar Room Landscape Art, "7 pm: tour towards Praterstern"
15 October 2016, 16:00–00:00 Praterstern, 1020 Vienna - Meeting point at Fluc
28 October 2016, 16:00–19:30 Seminar Room Landscape Art
20 January 2017, 16:00–19:30 1020 Vienna, Praterstern (Fluc)
25 January 2017, 21:00–26 January 2017, 01:00 »In der Kubatur des Kabinetts – Der Kunstsalon«, Fluc/Praterstern, 1020 Vienna

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Image: Johanna Tinzl