2016 January 14 / 15:00
I:project space

is dedicated to building support structures for artists and opening up possibilities for long-term dialogues between artistic, curatorial research, and other modes of knowledge production. In recent years Beijing has become one of the most vibrant art scenes in the world. These new developments have made the lack of non-profit spaces alongside the dominant gallery scene apparent: A lack of alternatives that especially concerns young artists. A new wave of initiatives has been trying to create new spaces for art, while attempting to define what an alternative might look like.
Last summer I: project space organized the first festival of Independent Art Spaces in China and launched the first map of independent initiatives in Beijing www.iasbeijing.org. Furthermore  I: project space will launch the long term research project Beijing 22 in the next years which will consist of archiving, exhibiting and discussing art projects about the structural change in the city scape of Beijing.
Antonie Angerer will talk about her practice of developing I: project space.



Antonie Angerer:
Since 2014 director of I: project space, Beijing, independent curator, and editor of Kodikas/Code. She holds a Master in Sinology, Art History and East Asian Art History from the University of Tübingen, Germany and Zürich, Switzerland. In 2009 she studied at the Peking University and 2012/13 at the Academy of Fine Arts Beijing. For her research project at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2012 - the PR China in which she interviewed witnesses and participants of the Shanghai Biennale 2000 like Ai Weiwei, Feng Boyi, Rong Rong or Zhang Qing - she received an award. Her network in China and Beijing evolved through her previous work for various institutions like the art fair ArtBeijing (2009) or as a curatorial assistant at the galleries see+ (2009) and C.Na Gallery (2010) in Beijing. For the past ten years she has  focused her research on contemporary art in China and realized a number of exhibitions together with Chinese artists.