2015 October 12 / 11:00 - 2015 October 16 / 18:00
International Astronautical Congress

As part of the Session „Contemporary Arts Practice and Outer Space: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach“ Ralo Mayer presented his paper „Space and Ecology“ at the 66th International Astronautical Congress in Jerusalem.

The annual IAC is the world’s largest space-themed congress bringing together multidiciplinary actors of the field. The congress covered a wide range of themes and topics, from technical approaches of space exploration, policy-making, life sciences, Earth observation to Space Law and culture, art and architecture.

The Contemporary Arts session was organized by space artists Richard Clar and Daniela de Paulis. 
In his presentation, Ralo Mayer discussed the manifold relations of space and ecology from both a historical perspective and through contemporary ecological theories beyond the nature/culture divide. Showing examples from his own artistic research about „Biosphere 2“ and space settlement concepts, Mayer argued for an abandonment of the beloved, yet stereotypical Whole Earth images in favor of new ways to depict ecological relations of the Anthropocene, both on Earth and beyond.

Image credit: Ralo Mayer