Winter 2021/22
K√ľnstlerische Praxis: digital

Artistic Practice: digital formats 1

Temporality in film, video and photography

The focus in this semester is on forms of temporality in the media, film, video and photography. Media-inherent aspects such as performativity, processuality and transformativity as well as technical conditions such as digitalization processes, transmission speed, image progression etc. are discussed.
How are differences between moving and still images constituted? How do photos or still images work in film and how do cinematic aspects come into play in single images? Using artistic reference projects, temporal representations are examined (montage, time lapse and expansion, narrative time versus narrated time, time experience ...). It is however not so much  a film theoretical, but a cross-media experimental approach. The topics should become part of the working and development processes, but the projects are not tied to the media mentioned above.

Accompanying the project, some basics such as data compression, file formats and recording media are taught, as well as handling the institute's equipment. Introductions to image, video and audio editing programs can be provided if required. Always linked to the needs of the individual projects.

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Mehr Info auf der Base Angewandte


Image: Flora Watzal