2017 January 19 / 12:00
Marion Porten

Within the framework of Statements Marion Porten will be presenting some selected works, among them her work in process: 
An encounter with a nameless, dusty plaster bust of a woman*, in the Glyptothek of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna is the starting point for a filmic investigation into emancipative concepts of white queer women* in the context of colonial and racist tyranny at the beginning of the 20th century. Historic fictions, facts and ambiguous positionings interweave with contemporary discourse and realities about Critical Whiteness (Kritisches Weißsein) and queer-feminist continuities of exclusions and discrimination.

Because the German language as a historical element is important in her recent work, - and the personal relation as a native speaker to it -, temporally German is spoken. The full talk will be a mix of English and German.  

Marion Porten, *1972, grew up near Cologne, since 2006 she lives in Vienna and partly in Leipzig. She was teaching at the Academy of fine arts Vienna for 9 years. Now she works as a board member at the VBKÖ (The Austrian Association of Women Artists); as well as she is co-working in different educational- and cultural collectives; and she writes a column about her adventures as a lesbian/queer adoptive mother.
After the Fall (of the Wall) Marion Porten studied in the early 90’s sculpture in Dresden, then film at the HfBK Braunschweig. Stipends and exhibitions brought her to Kiev, Columbus, Banff, Bukarest, New York, Zagreb, Paris, Bad Ems, Budapest, Cologne, Ústí nad Labem.

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