2018 May 17 / 16:00

MAUVE is a artist-run space based in Vienna, Austria. Since its inaugural show in 2012, MAUVE’s mission has been to explore various ways of exhibition making. MAUVE investigates the possibilities of the exhibition as an art form. Always closely collaborating with the artists involved in the exhibitions, MAUVE strives to bring artistic production, discourse and experimental modes of curating closer together.

Our exhibitions include a variety of media, both tangible and ephemeral. The format MAUVE operates in lies somewhere in between gallery, off-space and institution, thinking beyond existing labels. This allows us to make exhibitions that have a strong conceptual aspect, at the same time giving us the freedom to explore that conceptual aspect during the production of a show, and developing it even further in the discussions with our audience within the finished show. We create our program in relationship to our own artistic practice.

MAUVE is run by Titania Seidl and Lukas Thaler.


Titania Seidl (b.1988 in Vienna, AT) is based in Vienna, AT
She recently exhibited work at destiny’s atelier Oslo, NO (solo), Casa Blanca Mexico City, MX (group), M HKA Antwerp, BE (group), SORT New York, US (group), Salzburger Kunstverein, AT (group), MUSA Vienna, AT (solo).
She graduated from University of Applied Arts, Vienna.

Lukas Thaler (b.1989 in Hall in Tirol, AT) is based in Vienna, AT
He recently exhibited work at Casa Blanca Mexico City, MX (group), Ferdinandeum Innsbruck, AT (group) Club Pro Los Angeles, US (group), Drop City Newcastle, GB (group), We are Hercules Munich, GER (group), Spektrum Tower Warsaw, PL (group), Galerie im Andechshof Innsbruck, AT (solo)
He graduated from University of Applied Arts, Vienna.




Credit: MAUVE; Ausstellungsansicht, „The Eventuality Dispenser“ MAUVE at Fettes College Edinburgh, 2018