2021 April 29 / 17:00
Please don't take off the lids. The pods are empty.

In doing so, he expands his architecture-critical investigation into an anthropological question by constantly quoting, excerpting, framing and staging the factors: human, space and architecture. 

The focus of his photographic works, objects and installations oscillate between an analysis of body and space which is then translated into an artistic process. Thus, he contextualises the physical environment between sculpture and architecture, and deconstructs design and residential functions of architectural space in general. 

Michael Strasser is a Vienna-based artist, researcher and storyteller. He studied  Photography at Graphische Vienna and graduated in Artistic Photography from Schule Friedl Kubelka and the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

His works have been shown internationally in many solo and group exhibitions and have been awarded several grants and prizes. More recent exhibitions include: Der Angriff der Gegenwart, Universitätsgalerie Heiligenkreuzer Hof Wien (2020-21), Komisch' Wetter Galerie Doris Ghetta, Pontives Italy (2020), Deep Relaxation, Premierentage, Neue Galerie Innsburck (2019), You Can Have It (Solo), Kunsthalle Exnergasse Wien (2019), SHADOW, Parallel Vienna (2019)

Grants and awards: 
Studio Westbahnstraße (2021–27), AiR Chicago (2015), AiR London (2014), Rlb-Art Award (2014), AiR Art Institute Chicago (2013), AiR Geumcheon Seoul (2011), AiR New York (2009/2010), National Grant for Artistic Photography (2008)



Credits: You Can Have It, Kunsthalle Exnergasse 2019 | Image: Michael Strasser