2019 November 25 / 19:30
Excursions/Field Trips/Sidesteps

In ›Flatland‹, a brilliant novel from 1884 by Edwin A. Abbott, the population lives in a two-dimensional world. They have basic geometrical forms: women and slaves are simple lines; the higher the number of sides, the higher the social status. Both social ascent and the lack of social opportunity are explained and caricatured geometrically. In the same universe, playfully augmented into multiple dimensions, lies the ›Land of the Flats‹, the second major joint production (after Wien Modern in 2014) by Brigitte Wilfing and Jorge Sánchez-Chiong. Dance and music become inseparable parts of a whole, musical instruments are extensions of the body. Geometric shapes, virtual figures from 3D games and human bodies come together in a dialectic form of choreography and composition


Ensemble andother stage, Musik- und Tanzperformance
Clara Frühstück, Tasteninstrumente
David Christopher Panzl, Schlagwerk
TE-R, Elektronik, Projektionsenvironment Louise Linsenbolz, Thomas Wagensommerer
Jorge Sánchez-Chiong, Konzept, Choreografische Komposition, Elektronik
Brigitte Wilfing, Konzept, Choreografische Komposition, Turntables
Samuel Toro Pérez, E-Gitarre
Sophia Hörman, Elektronik
Florian Bogner, Sounddesign
Sabina Holzer, Choreografische Beratung
Kerstin Bennier, Ausstattung, Supervising
Thomas Jelinek, Lichtdesign
Peter Koger, Projektionstechnik



Images: Heribert Friedl