Winter 2021/22

Painters played in bands or founded clubs, musicians made Super 8 films. Dada and Fluxus were revitalized. Virtuosity was often deliberately avoided. Not being able to, resistance to conventions, the art of forgetting and unlearning were to open the way to an unbridled power of expression, a new expressiveness.

After the "Festival Genialer Dilletanten", 1981 in Berlin, especially in the environment of art schools, an artistic vehemence developed, which was characterized by cross-genre experimentation and the use of new electronic devices.

The aim of the course is to develop a musical structure with the available possibilities. Perhaps by means of the principle of chance to find solutions, or by means of improvisation to arrive at a conception. The constituting of a structure through the experimentation. To give precedence to the ego, to collective authorship. The urge to do is stronger than the search for perfection. Questioning what is right and giving the wrong a chance. Intuition and improvisation will be the cornerstones of this experiment.

The course will be roughly divided into four sections, with the main focus on PRODUCTION, the practical work.

1. exploring the "skills" of the course participants
2. exploring the possibilities (equipment)
3. PRODUCTION ROOM (rehearsal room)
4. live concert

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Image: Heribert Friedl