2017 January 25
Student Projects/Diplomas
Sonntag Nachmittag

My work begins with the search for a place. Once we‘ve found each other, we‘ll share time with one another, again and again. Until we begin to talk about all that surrounds us. In Sunday Afternoon this place is the Wien Hauptbahnhof railway station. An infrastructure project that connects Europe and encapsulates what drives our society.
Efficiency, progress, acceleration, standardisation.
What I want is inefficiency.
Not arriving at the destination, getting lost.

We move through the streets and live in the buildings. Green man: cross the road. Red man: stop and wait. The sign on the door reads “Exit”, and next to it “No Entry”. The common codes which determine our daily lives are becoming ever more pervasive in many areas of our lives. We know that we are being watched by cameras, by others, but above all by ourselves. We censor ourselves.

In Sunday Afternoon, I try to uncover alternatives which can exist alongside the designated functions of a space, so that which is, is not considered as more important than that which is not. (1)
Wien Hauptbahnhof railway station - A place that guides me, not physically but emotionally.

Image: Nora Gutwenger

(1) cf. Robert Musil: Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften (The man without qualities), 
Book One, Chapter 5, Rowohlt Verlag, 1994; page 1