2015 November 19 / 13:00
The Metaphors

In December 2014 the artist Jozef Wouters visited the UN climate summit in Lima. During these two weeks he collected 80 metaphors used to imagine and discuss climate change. These were translated into a booklet of images and distributed at the end of the conference as a “draft for further negotiation”. In a correspondence with Wouters, essayist Jeroen Peeters commented on reports of the climate debate in Belgian newspapers. The question remains poignant: how do we – artists, intellectuals, citizens – imagine a problem that is not imaginable?

The book Metaphors is available via www.markpezinger.de
By and with: Jeroen Peeters and Jozef Wouters
Thanks to: Mark Pezinger Verlag, La Junta Lima, Ewout Stoefs, WorkSpaceBrussels

Jeroen Peeters is a writer, dramaturge and performer based in Brussels. He writes on issues such as visuality, embodied knowledge, artistic practices and sustainable development. In collaboration with the choreographer Meg Stuart he made a book on her practice, Are we here yet? (2010), and recently he published a book on spectatorship in contemporary dance, Through the Back: Situating Vision between Moving Bodies (2014).

Jozef Wouters is a scenographer and visual artist. The constructions of Jozef Wouters aim to direct the gaze of their audience. They are strategical spaces which attribute value and shapes to the questions that trigger their designer. In the season 2015-2016 Wouters develops the project Decoratelier/Infini 1-14 with KVS in Brussels.