Winter 2019/20
Transhumanism / Posthumanism / Compost

There are many ways of ‚becoming-posthuman‘, because there are many different understandings of what ‚the posthuman‘ is. Is it a new form of human, a machine, a cyborg, an animal? Is it the being that comes after the human, that will live forever or merely in cyberspace? Is it the philosophy and lifestyle that comes after humanism? Will technology engender ‘the posthuman’, or will it be brought forth by new social and political practices? Do we need to become posthuman in order to save planet earth? How does the discourse around ‚becoming-posthuman‘ relates to the current discussions of ‘the Anthropocene’?

In this seminar, we will consult and produce artworks, philosophy and literature in order to find possible answers to these questions. We will read, think and discuss together the main topics of Transhumanism, Critical Posthumanism and – after Donna Haraway – the philosophy of Compost. Also, we will address the question of a ‘posthumanis aesthetics’, whereby own artistic practices, approaches and works can be shared and discussed.

The seminar will be held, according to acquirements, in English and/or German.

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Image: Leon Höllhumer, O.T.