2016 December 17 - 2016 December 21
Excursions/Field Trips/Sidesteps
Visiting Cern

In preparation for the project, a number of artists working in various media were invited to give talks at the department of site-specific art, including Anna Witt, Johann Lurf and Margit Busch. Furthermore, the group had the chance to visit the HEPHY (Institut für Hochenergiephysik) in Vienna and attend presentations given by Jochen Schieck, Christoph Schwanda, and other leading scientist of the institution.

The excursion took place between 17.12. and 21.12. as a cooperation between Arts@CMS program and the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Students of Art and Science and Site-specific Art were invited to propose their fields of interest connected to the work carried out at CERN, and develop their research for further insight on location in Geneva.

Programs during the stay included visits to the CERN Idea Square, the Compact Muon Solenoid CMS detector, a talk with „rock star“ theoretical physicist John Ellis and open access to individual overground strolls through the facilities. Students were granted admission to various parts of the CERN infrastructure, which are usually closed for the public and given the possibility to get in contact with scientists and staff most relevant to their interests.


The group’s research, findings and their artistic reflections are going to be presented in an exhibition taking place in Vienna in June 2017.



text by Julia Mag

picture by Natalia Gurova