2020 February 21 / 20:30
Excursions/Field Trips/Sidesteps
Wiener Stadthalle

What's going on at Deichkind's headquarters? First of all, call the other big names in the industry. Result: The colleagues are coming soon!

Deichkind are here again, they are leaving now! Get into the world, where boards mean what. With everything and on everyone. For the masses and all classes. Pro Bonum versus Malum!

Deichkind celebrate with the addictions, commercialize the art, love the collective power, rhyme the time and bring anyway the fattest buzz. Only the lobsters are missing.

Optically to expect we have impression. Musically it's about super print on the Omme. In terms of content it's about the sum. Deichkind leave nothing out, don't even ignore the future, even have a past. Deichkind refine themselves roughly and enlarge themselves again so correctly. Deichkind 2020: But is this still a party? Latürnich!




Images: Heribert Friedl